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In 1994, Osvaldo Suchini went to El Gigante mountain, and discovered the ideal conditions to produce high quality coffee. Over the last years, Osvaldo Suchini and his family has been getting specialized in producing coffee with high quality standards in a sustainable way.

El Gigante

Our Core Values


Quality is our commitment. That's why our coffee goes through a hard process of production and selection. We selected the best varieties, cultivate them, hand-pick cherry by cherry and select it in order to guarantee the best quality.

Caring & Integrity

People is our treasure! At El Gigante Coffee, we aim to integrate women from the local community and give them jobs in order to develop themselves. All activities are done by locals in order to contribute with their economy


El Gigante Coffee has dedicated more than 40 hectares for natural forest and planted native species among coffee plants for shadow. Our commitment is to produce in a sustainable way by being friendly with the ecosystem and with local communities.

Hardworking & passion

All the staff from El Gigante Coffee puts its hearth and its passion in every activity done in order to produce our coffee

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