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Our coffee


When a dream it’s feed by passion and hard work it can achieve marvelous things, it can event create

a Giant!

El Gigante  is located at the highest point of the Motagua Valley. With an altitude that goes from 1560 M.A.S.L to 1700 M.A.S.L, the finca has its own microclimate that benefits it with well defined rainy periods and important temperature along the day. The finca is composed by 40 hectares of natural forest plus 85 of coffee, with varieties such as catuai, caturra, pacamara, geisha & bourbon.

We are committed to preserve the environment and the local species. Thats why at El Gigante we decided to dedicated 40 hectares of natural forest.

Picking the cherry it's a key aspect of our coffee, as we pick them one by one. Right after the harvest, the cherry goes through a selection & classify process where all the imperfections such as immature and over-ripe cherry are taken away.


After harvesting the coffee and select the best cherry, we take them to the wet mill which is located inside of the estate. Before getting milled, the coffee goes through a siphon and a sieve that select only the best beans before getting milled and let them ferment for 24 hours before getting washed. It’s noteworthy that the milling is design the use the same water on the different cycles done in one day and gets recycle it by the end of the day. After being milled the coffee gets dry in a half-shadow structure in order to be dried slowly.

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